PDF Generator Addon for WordPress Visual Composer

Pdf Generator Addon for Wordpress Visual Composer allows to create pdf of pages which is build by visual composer. User can easily download pdf of current page with one click.

Features :

This plugin provide lots of feature which is listed below:

Header: You can customize the header as you want like you can upload logo even you can write custom html for header.

Footer: You can customize footer too as you want like you can write custom html for footer.

Post Type Restriction: You can choose on which post type or custom post type you want to generate pdf.

WaterMark: You can add watermark to make pdf more attractive and beautiful.

Page Data Mining: You can choose which data you dont want to show in pdf of the current page.

Font Availability: You can choose font from 56 available fonts. Even you can apply different on header, footer and body.

Custom CSS: You can add custom css to pdf content. Almost all css supported.

Pdf File Name: You can choose what will be the file name of generated pdf.

Pdf Download Button: You can customize the pdf download button by adding logo of pdf and choose position where to display the pdf download button through visual composer builder.

Step 1: Download from CodeCanyon

  1. After Purchasing the plugin on CodeCanyon. Go to Downloads page
  2. Find the Plugin on the list and click on Green Download Button
  3. Save the zip file on your computer

Step 2: Install via WordPress Admin (wp-admin)

  1. Login as administrator to wp-admin using your username and password
  2. Go to Plugins-> Add New
  3. Click on Upload Plugin button
  4. Click on Choose File and choose the file you just downloaded from codecanyon
  5. Click on Install Now
  6. Click on Activate Plugin once the installation is done
  7. Its all, and the plugin is installed on your site now!

Basic Setting:


Include Featured Image:

Show Post Date:

Show Post Tags:

Show Post Category List:

PDF File Name:

RTL Support:

Allowed Post Types:


PDF Header Setting:


Header Html:

Header Top Margin:

Header Section Font:

Header Section Font Size:


PDF Footer Setting:


Footer Html:

Footer Top Margin:

Footer Section Font:

Footer Section Font Size:

PDF CSS Setting:


PDF Page Size:

Pdf Page Orientation:

Body Top Margin:

Body Left Margin:

Body Right Margin:

Body Font Family:

Body Font Size:

Pdf Custom CSS:


PDF WaterMark Setting:


Watermark Text:

  • Check it if you want to show Watermark text.


  • Check it if you want to show Watermark image.


1.After installing the plugin successfully you need to go to the VC PDF Settings to edit the download pdf generator option.

2. Now go to page or post edit. There you will get pdf element that is "Download Pdf Button" from visual composer elements.


3. Now set pdf download button width, height, and icon.