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Work Flow

  • First installed the plugin in your site & activate it.
  • After successful installing go to WooCommerce — > PDF Invoice Setting for setup the invoice layout and other settings.
  • Also if you want a packing slip for orders go to WooCommerce — > PDF Packing Slip.
  • After completion of order user also get download link in order detail page.
  • From this link user can download his PDF Invoice .

  • In ‘Edit Order’ page user also get option to delete the generated PDF Invoice and regenerate again.
  • From ‘Edit Order’ page user also can make changes in the order.
  • User also can update the order status from here.
  • In order list table user can download the PDF invoice & Packing slip both.
  • User can also generate bulk invoice of selected orders or all orders at once from order list table’s bulk action.
  • With the help of this plugin ‘Seller’ also get PDF invoice as attachment in their respective mail.
  • Every time when status is changed for any order PDF invoice is send as attachment to the mail.
  • with the help of this plugin user can also get option to send PDF invoice through the buyer’s email.
  • Also get option every time when status is changed of an order send updated invoice to the respective buyer’s email.
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