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Work Flow

Step-1. Create Referral URL from Affiliate Tools section.


  1. Firstly user needs to copy the link of the desired product for which he need to generate referral link.
  2. Then, he needs to paste it under our Affiliate Tools section and click on generate link.
  3. After that he can copy the generated referral link and use it for marketing purpose.


  1. Search for the product in category.
  2. A list are all matching products will be shown.
  3. Click on Banner of the product you want to create banner for and than customize the banner as you want.
  4. Click on COPY SCRIPT and paste in the website where AD BANNER needs to be shown.
  5. Click on COPY HTML and paste it where you want to show the AD.

Step-2. Customer Buys a product from the referral link.

Once the payment is successfully done by the customer and the referral is approved by the admin, the affiliate gets his/her commission and can use it for coupon generation or ask for withdrawal to bank account through Paypal/ Stripe.

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